3 Myths About Millennials in the Workplace

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Also known as Generation Y, millennials are a group of people born between the early 1980s to early 2000s. Today, 25% of the total workforce population in the Asia Pacific region are millennials. It won’t be long until they populate recruitment sites like Jobstreet Malaysia and take over the work industry.

The millennials generally have a negative reputation among the older generation for their spoiled attitude and being difficult to manage. However, it is merely the lack of understanding between both parties. 

In the workplace, there are misconceptions about millennials that aren’t always true. Here are some of them:

Millennials are not loyal

It is common for employees in the older generation to stay in a company for more than 20 years back in the days. They believe it shows a strong work ethic and a sense of loyalty towards their company, unlike millennials that seem to jump ship when a better career opportunity appears.

While they view millennials as job-hoppers, the older generation is also perceived to be the most resistant to change. Millennials, on the other hand, thrive on change and innovation. Millennials also expect a fair wage and a great reward system and will leave if a job does not fulfil their needs.

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Millennials are entitled

The older generation grew up in a time where roles and status defined who they are. They are willing to wait for their turn as they believe in rewarding employees based on “time in role.”  

Millennials don’t always with that point of view. They believe they should be evaluated based on skills and performance, not tenure. So, when millennials are not shy to ask for opportunities, the older generation may view them as cutting the queue.

Millennials are needy

The “no news means good news” is one of the approaches in life for the older generation. If they have minimal engagement with their superiors, that would mean all is well.

However, it is the opposite of millennials. The younger generation knows the importance of receiving feedback in developing skills. They are not content with sitting in the dark and waiting for instructions.


Employers in this era should understand the differences between the generations and accept them. Learning how to manage millennials instead of complaining about them will be more beneficial for the company in the long run.

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